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Children's Village



    Children's Village operates in the village Zarechye at Luga district, Leningrad region, a place where children can get acquainted with the real life of the traditional Russian peasant farmstead.  

     At first the children will listen to a story about the history of the village and the Kuzmin family history, owners of the farmhold, will get acquainted with ancient household items and agricultural tools, with different types of agricultural work, as well as with farm animals and birds. In our farm live rabbits, goats with kids, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys.

     To get to know a variety of professions the children are divided into groups of interest: animal husbandry, crop production and handicrafts. Each group learns in an entertaining way about features of each profession, including the care of animals and birds, can feed the animals and birds, can visit the vegetable garden, and will be acquainted with various kinds of vegetables, fruits and berries that grow on the farmstead. Children, who have chosen handicrafts, will try their hand at carpentry and pottery, will be able to make with their own hands items needed for the farming.

     Children will learn about agricultural techniques, can ride a tractor, and participate in agricultural operations. For participation in agricultural works, everyone can be rewarded with a certain amount of money in the local currency- "farmik." Later earned "farmik" can be exchanged for gifts, products, etc.

     Children can ride in the cart or sleigh and try archery.

     Finally, children will be offered tea from a samovar with rustic sweets.  

     Parents who come with their children can walk around the farmstead, have a snack with farm food and see how the children learn the farm.

     We invite to visit our Children's Village both families with children and children's groups from summer camps, schools, sports organizations.

     Opening hours on request.

     Groups of children are accepted by appointment by calling:



     Entrance fee for groups over 10 persons - 150 Rub/2.5 EUR per person.

     Cost of individual visit - 200 Rub/3 EUR per person  

Our site http://en.ferma-zarechye.ru